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Defensive Barrier/Hesco

Product Description

Defensive Barrier also named defensive sand wall or military barrier, is a multi-cell barrier system lined with a heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile made of welded zinc-aluminum coated steel mesh or galvanized steel wire mesh.

It is commonly used for flood barriers and military defensive barriers, therefore, it is sometimes called flood barrier, military bastion.

Product Specification

Standard sizesHeightWidthLengthCells
MIL154''(1.37m)42''(1.06m)32'9''(10m)4+5 cells
MIL224''(0.61m)24''(0.61m)4'(1.22m)2 cells
MIL339''(1.00m)39''(1.00m)32'9''(10m)5+5 cells
MIL439''(1.00m)60''(1.52m)32'9''(10m)5+5 cells
MIL524''(0.61m)24''(0.61m)10'(3.05m)5 cells
MIL666''(1.68m)24''(0.61m)10'(3.05m)5 cells
MIL787''(2.21m)84''(2.13m)91'(27.74m)4+4+5 cells
MIL854''(1.37m)48''(1.22m)32'9''(9.14m)4+5 cells
MIL939'(1.00m)30''(0.76m)30'(9.14m)6+6 cells
MIL1087''(2.21m)60''(1.52m)100'(30.5m)5+5+5+5 cells
MIL1148''(1.22m)12''(0.3m)4'(1.22m)4 cells
MIL1284''(2.13m)42''(1.06m)108'(33m)5+5+5+5+5+5 cells
MIL19108''(2.74m)42''(1.06m)10'5''(3.18m)3 cells

Product Details

Product Type:

● Material: Galvanized steel wire or zinc - 5% aluminum wire

● Wire diameter: 4.0mm - 6.0mm

● Mesh opening: 6.2mm× 76.2mm, 50mm× 50mm, 75mm× 75mm, 100mm× 100mm, etc.

● Non-woven geotextile: Weight range is 200 - 400 g/㎡, thickness: 2.0mm - 3.5mm. the colors include green, grey, dark yellow, earth yellow.

Product Feature

Product Feature

1. Durable because of the high quality steel wire.

2. Corrosion resistance

3. Light weight

4. Versatile

5. Flexibility

6. Lower price

7. Good ventilation and visibility.

Product Packing & Shipping

Product Packing & Shipping

1. Wrapping with plastic film.

2. Packed in a carton or woven bag.

3. OEM packing.


Q: Are you manufacturer or trader?

A: We are manufacturer, and we are in wire mesh field for more than 20 years.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: Normally our lead time is 15-25 days after we received the down payment. Urgent order can be negotiated.

Q: Can you provide samples?

A: Yes, we can provide samples with free charge, but the express cost need you pay first. When you placed the order, we will deduct the express cost from the contract amount.

Q: How do you control the goods quality?

A: We have the strict Quality Control System. And our quality inspector will record the production process and inspection from beginning to end in the form of photos or videos to you.

Q: Do you have quality guaranteed?

A: Yes, most of our products have a more than 10 years Quality Guarantee.

Q: Could you supply Door-to-Door Delivery?

A: Yes, we are very good at Door to Door Delivery, please inform me your detailed address, then I will quote you the freight cost to your home directly.

Q: How do we go to your factory for visiting?

A: Please inform me your flight time, we will pick you up at our nearby airport, then drive to our factory for visiting.

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