Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Product Description

The welded wire mesh panel is made of high quality low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It is mainly used in construction projects. It has strong corrosion resistance, uniform mesh and strong overall performance. The Welded wire mesh panel is easy to construct and guarantees quality. 

Welded wire mesh panel contains PVC coated welded mesh panels, stainless steel mesh panels and galvanized mesh panels. 

Product Specification

Welded Wire Mesh Panel
OpeningWire diameter
1" × 1"25mmx25mm14# - 11#2.0mm - 3mm
2" × 1"50mmx25mm14# - 8#2.0mm - 4mm
2" × 2"50mmx50mm14# - 8#2.0mm - 4mm
3" × 2"75mmx50mm14# - 6#2.0mm - 5mm
3" × 3"75mmx75mm14# - 6#2.0mm - 5mm
4" × 2"100mmx50mm14# - 4#2.0mm - 6mm
4" × 4"100mmx100mm14# - 4#2.0mm - 6mm
5" × 5"125mmx125mm14# - 4#2.0mm - 6mm
6" × 6"150mmx150mm14# - 4#2.0mm - 6mm
Note: Special size and specifications can be made according to customers requires.

Product Details

Product Type:

Surface treatment:

Electro galvanized welded wire mesh panel

Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh panel

PVC coated or powder coated wire mesh panel

Stainless steel wire mesh panel

Product Feature

Product Feature

Anti-ageing, corrosion resistant and with a long sevice life.

A variety of sizes and surface can be choose.

Firm structure and lower cost.

Wide range application.

Easy to pack and load

Product Packing & Shipping

Product Packing & Shipping

1. Sheet is packed by pallet or strapped into bundle.

2. Sheet in carton or wooden case.

3. The pallet is wrapped with bubble wrap or plastic film.

4. Your unique packaging method is also available.

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