Razor Barbed Wire

Product Description

Razor Barbed Wire is also named concertina razor wire, razor fencing wire, razor blade wire. It is a kind of modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. With sharp blades and strong core wire, razor wire has the features of secure fencing, easy installation, age resistance and other properties.


Razor Barbed Wire is a central strand of high tensile wire, and a steel tape punched into a shape with barbs. The steel tape is cold crimped tightly to the wire. Razor wire is manufactured with a galvanized tape (Zinc coating ranging from 50 gsm to 275 gsm) and Galvanized core wire (diameter: 2.0-2.5mm) with (zinc coating 50 gsm to 275 gsm). For more critical razor wire applications, stainless steel tape and stainless steel core wire is used.

Product Specification

Specifications of concertina Razor wire
The Coil DiameterNo. of loopsLength per coilRazor Wire TypesNotes
450mm337-8mCBT-60.65single coil
500mm5612-13mCBT-60.65single coil
700mm5613-14mCBT-60.65single coil
960mm5614-15mCBT-60.65single coil
450mm568-9m(3 clips)BTO- type
500mm569-10m (3clips)BTO- type
600mm5610-11M (3 clips)BTO- type
600mm568-10M (5clips)BTO- type
700mm568-10M (5 clips)BTO- type
800mm5611-13M (5 clips)BTO- type
900mm5612-14M (5 clips)BTO- type
960mm5613-15M (5 clips)BTO- type


Wire diameter
Barb length
Bard width
Bard spacing

Product Details

Product Type:

When you need to get serious about security, Concertina Razor Wire is the best solution. It is relatively cost-effective, but viciously effective. Concertina Wire around the perimeter is enough to deter any would be vandal, robber or saboteur. Razor Wire is made of a corrosion resistant galvanized steel cutting ribbon wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire. It's impossible to cut without highly specialized tools, and even then it's a slow, dangerous job. Razor wire fence is a long lasting and very effective barrier, known and trusted by security professionals.

1. Material: Concertina razor wire usually make with galvanized steel sheet ,stainless steel sheet

2. Reference number: BTO-12 BTO-15 BTO-22 BTO-30 CBT-60 CBT-65

3. Thickness: 0.5-0.6mm

4. Bar length and width: 10-65mm

5. Features: beautiful, strong, corrosion, oxidation, excellent protection, deterrent effect.

6. Uses: prisons, detention centers, government buildings and pasture boundary, railway, highway isolated protection, etc.

Razor Barbed Wire Features

Razor Barbed Wire Features

For Concertina Wire, we have many kinds:

Single Coil Razor Wire, Crossed Razor Wire, Flat wrap razor wire, Razor Wire fence

Single Coil Razor Wire 

Single Coil Concertina Wire is installed without clips, it runs in natural loops on walls.Cost less and can be easily installed.

Crossed Razor Wire

Crossed Razor Wire Two pieces of razor wire were bounded together by clips to make it more strength.The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful feature and practicality.

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat wrap razor wire is a new type of razor barbed wire. Press two loops into flat then expand them across. We usually use it together with been line razor barbed wire to build a defending wall, or use it alone as a fence.

Razor Wire Fence
Welded razor mesh fence is a new form of razor bared wire mesh for security, it with practicality blade and the feature looks very beautiful. Razor wire mesh can be used for guard net of fence, doors and windows and also can be used in military. The specification can be designed as the customers' need. 

As a professional razor wire supplier, Mclassic Metal has full industry chain and strict quality control flow, with superior raw material, highly skilled technicians, advanced equipment, dedicated workmanship, perfect surface treatment, those to ensure state of art concertina razor wire for sale. We can also customize razor barbed wire according to the customer's conditions.

Product Packing & Shipping

Product Packing & Shipping


1. Each roll with inner waterproof paper and woven bag outside, then 50rolls or 100roll be a bundle by metal strip.

2. Be bundled razor wire put on pallet.

3. Bulk razor wire put into cartons.

4. Packaged razor wire barrier into wooden case.

5. Bulk waterproof paper inner with woven bag outside razor rolls loaded in 20GP/25tons


We have long-term cooperation with many experienced shipping companies and will find the most suitable mode of transportation for you.


Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are factory,We can control the quality from raw materials to finished products. We are not only manufacturer of cable tray and seismic supports products, We also have our own galvanized factory.

Q: Is the MOQ negotiable?

A: Yes, We can discuss about the quantity.

Q: Can you provide an integrated supply solution of multiple commodities?

A: Yes, We can provide services for multiple categories and small quantities.

Q: Which payment can be acceptable?

A: Trade Assurance, TT,L/C,etc.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally speaking 7 to 25 days,based on the purchase quantity and our production schedule. If you need it urgently, just contact me.

Q: How can we guarantee the quality?

A: 1.We have awarded the quality system certification.
2.We have CE, PVOC,COC certificates and make production based on that standard.
3.Trial order is acceptable for reduce the quality risk.

Q: Can I get sample to test?

A: We are glad to provide free sample for testing,but we don't bear sample freight charge.

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